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How to Convert Adobe XD to WordPress within minutes

By December 8, 2021June 28th, 2022No Comments
Adobe XD into WordPress Website

After perfectly designing your website Prototype in Adobe XD, now you are eager to turn the elegant design into a perfect live website. Is it possible to convert adobe XD to WordPress? Well, the answer is yes.

Website designing and a well-designed website are a must to pull more visitors and potential customers. Adobe XD is a vector-based design tool for web and mobile apps to create fantastic and attractive designs without much effort. Adobe XD HTML Conversion helps designers easily design and make required changes or revisions while maintaining consistency in colour and design.

One can easily convert Adobe XD website UI designed into a responsive and bug-free WordPress website. There are many ways to do the Adobe XD to WordPress conversion. The blog covers the most easier and prevalent ways of converting Adobe XD to WordPress website.

Why use Adobe XD for creating a Prototype before the Final Design?

Website or UX/UX designers love adobe xd for creating website mockups and prototypes. A well-designed and structured prototype helps in determining how the website will look.

  • First, it becomes easier for designers to share multiple page designs in Adobe XD as prototypes. Some clients may suggest many edits in layouts, or some may even want to scrap the design and start completely new. Making changes to a fully developed working website is much more challenging.Adobe XD helps save a lot of time as designers can quickly make necessary changes to the design and then easily convert it into WordPress.
  • Second, Adobe XD offers complete creative freedom for designers to pour every idea into a creative design.

How to Convert Adobe XD to WordPress?

WordPress is an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) and is the first choice of people with less or no technical knowledge to create a simple and affordable website. The CMS offers tons of customizable plugins, integrated website building editors with easy drag-drop functionality making it a user-friendly interface for anyone to use.

WordPress powers 34% of all websites on the internet and has a 60.8% market share in the ‘content management system’ (CMS) market. Thus, designers and developers prefer converting website design prototypes in Adobe XD to WordPress.

Now, let us dive into the various ways of publishing your Adobe XD designs to WordPress theme.

Different Methods of Adobe XD to WordPress Conversion

#Method 1: Convert Adobe XD to WordPress Using a Page Builder

The easiest way to convert XD to WordPress is using a Page builder like Elementor or Beaver Builder. Page Builders are drag and drop tools to create or customize a WordPress theme. People with no coding knowledge can easily convert Adobe XD designs to WordPress themes using this method.

In this method, designers can use a rich base theme like Astra or Divi to set all the global layout elements like header, footer, colors, typography, etc. Then can easily build pages using the page builder.

#Method 2: Converting Adobe XD to HTML to WordPress Theme

In this method, designers code everything from scratch, which is time-consuming and tedious. However, designers have full control over the quality of the code and thus can produce clean, bug-free code. They can freely follow their own set of coding standards or use any CSS framework.

This method of conversion involves two steps:

(1) converting Adobe XD files to HTML and

(2) converting HTML to a WordPress Theme.

XD to HTML Conversion

Developers manually code using popular libraries such as Bootstrap or Foundation to create a highly responsive website. The hand-coding approach gives full control to developers, and thus they can write high-quality HTML codes.

Steps for converting XD to HTML:

  1. Open Adobe XD files.
  2. Go to com to download a starter HTML template.
  3. Build the page layout referring to the XD designs like header, footer, and other page elements.
  4. For typography, colours, CSS, and others add global.css and style.css.
  5. WordPress themes contain multiple files, so divide the header, content, footer, and other parts of the design into different HTML <section>s or <div>s.
  6. Repeat the process to build all the pages according to the design. Build pages using Media queries to ensure they are responsive.

After creating all the HTML pages, convert HTML to WordPress themes.

HTML to WordPress Theme Conversion

You have to create a new theme from scratch to convert the HTML files to WordPress. Creating a new theme from scratch involves the creation of many files, and we have listed the files below.



Open HTML files and copy the Header code from your HTML to header.php file. The WordPress header includes elements like a logo and a title/description. Add native WordPress functions like wp_head() and wp_wp_menu() to convert HTML header code to a WordPress header code.


Similarly, copy the footer code from the HTML file to footer.php and add the wp_footer() function. Add the get_sidebar() function to manage the footer using widgets.


For WordPress websites, the index.php file serves as the base loop. Add the rest of the code to home.php; if you have a static homepage or if the website has a list of posts, use index.php.


Copy codes from your style.css to the style.css of the WordPress theme. Keep the commented area on top as it defines the stylesheet header. Repeat the process for the rest of the pages by creating individual page template files for each.

#Method 3: Conversion Using a Starter Theme

If you are new to development, then this method is for you. It’s an excellent way to learn about WordPress themes before you start building themes from scratch.

In this method, you can use a starter or boilerplate theme to directly convert your Adobe XD designs into WordPress.

Some of the starter themes available are:

  1. Underscores – WordPress-built starter theme.
  2. WP Bootstrap Starter– Starter theme based on Bootstrap.
  3. Understrap – Combination of Underscores and Bootstrap.

Each starter theme already contains required files such as style.css, functions.php, header.php, and more. Thus, the conversion becomes easier, and you need to fill in your HTML code to pre-built PHP template files.

Adobe XD to WordPress Conversion

Open individual files to create HTML around the premade code structure. You can also customize the global header, footer, colours, typography, and layout in themes like Understrap.

#Method 4: Conversion Using Automated Software Tools

A quick and cost-effective way to convert Adobe XD to WordPress. There are automated software tools to directly convert XD design files to WordPress theme. One such automated tool is ExportKit– an excellent software for simpler websites. However, for more complex projects, it may generate lower quality code.

# Method 5:

The safest and the easiest way of converting Adobe XD WordPress is hiring a professional WordPress development company, especially if you are from a completely non-technical background. It will save you valuable time to focus on your business growth. is the top WordPress development company providing quality XD to WordPress services. You can hire a dedicated team of WordPress Developers and programmers and the best Adobe XD to WordPress service providers with us.

Our expert offshore WordPress developers are well-versed with the latest WordPress technologies and offer the following services:

  • Design to WordPress Conversion
  • Design to HTML Conversion
  • WordPress Websites using Block System.
  • WordPress Website support & maintenance
  • Woocommerce Store development

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We hope now you find it easy to convert Adobe XD to WordPress theme. Try different methods and discover which works the best for you.

If you still find it difficult to do it by yourself, we have a team of experts to do the task for you. Hire our WordPress developers with us today to export your Adobe XD to WordPress within your budget.