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Benefits of Using Bedrock with Twig for WordPress Website Development

By September 19, 2022No Comments
Benefits of Using Bedrock with Twig for WordPress Website Development

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) available today. It’s also one of the most flexible. Thanks to its open source nature and active developer community, it continues to grow with new features, themes, and plugins released almost on a weekly basis. But with so many CMS and blog options out there, how do you know which one is best for your website project? That’s where frameworks come in handy. These tools can streamline your site development process, reduce code repetition across sites using the framework, and make managing multiple websites built on the same platform much easier.

You may be wondering why we even need a framework with Twig and not just a standard WordPress theme. After all, wouldn’t any old WordPress theme do? Well… sort of. While it’s true that any WordPress theme can be reworked to use Twig instead of PHP as its template engine; however, only a few have been designed from the get-go using those two as its foundation. That’s why we felt it necessary to highlight some of the top benefits to using Bedrock with Twig for WordPress websites.

Some major benefits of choosing Bedrock with Twig for WordPress Website Development:

Composer based development:

Composer is central nervous system for Bedrock. We can commit less code, be more accurate with our versioning, support deployment on more environments. This gives us the ability to create a global, controlled staging environment for our team and also offers excellent features such as .env support. In addition, there are other plus points like improved security in the form of non-standard file paths that protect websites from some automated attacks and vulnerabilities at certain extent.

Secured directory structure:

Bedrock is a WP boilerplate which uses a completely different file structure. All the files are organized very well and as a result, it’s quick & easy to spot what you were searching for.

Improved Performance:

The sizes and quantity of files that are requested when you load a particular website are reduced when bloat is reduced. If you want to make it more stunning then you may minify files and compress photos, this reduces everything to the bare minimum and it gives a wow performance to your website.

Custom Theme & Re-usable Blocks:

Use of some third party dependencies like WPackagist along with Bedrock, you can easily replace default theme boilerplate. There are many other preferences but lauching websites using the twig templating language is always good. You can also effectively utilize Blade if you want. You can create a Global Re-usable blocks which you can use as per your need all across the website. This is the major benefit of Using Bedrock with Twig for WordPress Website Development. It reduces developing time and efforts.

Ability to move sections/blocks on the page compared to normal ACF:

Using Bedrock for WordPress allow you to move/re-order + drag & drop sections/elements directly from the WordPress admin without changing core code. This seems very helpful when you want to move any sections from bottom to top.


Using Bedrock with Twig for WordPress Website Development is always better than normal development. If you have any query regarding project setup or with project structure and files then contact us. We would be glad to help you.